What onPhiya Can Do for You?

Computer and Computer Hardware Repair
“My computer is making some weird noise.”

Yes, onPhiya has heard that before; we found that weird noise and fixed it, and then dug further to diagnose and correct hardware problems this client didn’t even know existed, all at the original price quoted this customer.

Remote Repair and Diagnostics
“I can’t get it to connect with my network, and it looks like there’s some kind of bug.”

It’s a good thing you called onPhiya; we will pipe into your network remotely and get you up and running all within the comfort of your home without leaving your couch.

Custom PC Build
“Even these alleged ‘gaming systems’ can’t keep up with my gaming. I need something better.”

Yes, you do need something better; you need onPhiya to assemble processing power with the speed of a thoroughbred and the muscle to handle seamless gameplay online. We can build it to your specifications, or just tell us what you need it to do and we’ll build the Beast you want!

“I can’t seem to get this HTML code to work.”

HTML language is not intuitive, but then neither is C, C++, .net, frameworks or any of the other myriad of powerful-yet-mysterious languages and utilities available. onPhiya techs are masters at programming your machine to do what you want it to do. We code efficiently and effectively and we deliver when we say we’ll deliver.

Solution Consulting
“If only we could get our systems to…”

It’s amazing what we can do; things we could only dream of accomplishing just a few short years ago. Cloud capability is still young and the Internet Of Things (IOT) is growing by leaps and bounds. onPhiya is right on the leading edge of IOT!

Graphic Design
“I want to develop a logo that…”

Flat out rocks! onPhiya has skilled graphical designers on staff that can help bring your Vision to life, and do it with panache. Make your web-presence sing with graphics designed and presented by onPhiya!

Systems Maintenance
“I just do not have the time to do these tune-ups and back-ups.”

Which is exactly why you should call onPhiya. We handle periodic systems maintenance and unscheduled systems maintenance via either on-site visit, remotely or both. Let onPhiya take on the drudgery of keeping your hardware running at peak efficiency, freeing you to have more fun with your robot-vacuum!

Software Installation
“I followed the instructions but I can’t get it to install right.”

No worries! onPhiya knows all the ins and outs of out-of-the-box installations and custom installations. We’ll let you know if your system has the horses to handle that suite of software you’re wanting to install, and we’ll map out what you need to ramp your system up to drive that suite effortlessly.

Hardware Replacement
“My computer keeps overheating and shutting down.”

It happens! Parts wear out and break down over time and continued use. At onPhiya, we know how to comprehensively diagnose whatever’s going wrong with your equipment, and we can get it back up and running quickly, usually right over the phone! onPhiya carries an extensive supply of parts and equipment, so no long delays waiting for a minuscule part with an eight-syllable name.

Removal of Viruses and Spyware
“Oh my iPhone is acting wonky after I visited a video site via Safari?”

Even iPhones are susceptible to bugs, malware and all kinds of other malicious bits and bots floating around out there. We hunt them down, regardless of the device, and bring their vile existence on your device to a quick end.

Re-Programming (Due to viruses and spyware)
“Well I had a bug on my Windows laptop and you guys crushed it, but now my Office Suite isn’t working?”

The military refers to this consequence of warfare as ‘Collateral Damage’. But no worries! Disentangling malware can wreak havoc on core systems, processes and applications. But as your device’s ‘Emergency Room’, onPhiya can stitch things up to get everything cruising smoothly again.

Provide and Install Backup Mechanisms for Filing and Files
“No, I don’t have my system backed up. Am I going to lose all my work?”
We at onPhiya certainly hope not!!!

System back-ups should be part and parcel of your normal weekly Continuity activity. We have found however that it is often overlooked, which is why there are so many viable utilities for handling your backups in a cost-effective manner. onPhiya can help build a routine maintenance and continuity schedule, so you can back things up while grabbing some shut-eye or binge-watching some zombie television series.

Restore Lost Data
“I think my system crashed; I got a blue screen with a bunch of numbers and letters on it and the word ‘ERROR’!”

That’s not good, but it could be worse. This could be 1940 and all your typewritten papers were ruined because of your dog’s bad bathroom habits. onPhiya can resolve that blue-screen silliness you’re getting and then help restore all that hard work that appears to be vaporized. If it’s on your computer, then it’s on your hard drive, and onPhiya can get it back for you!

In-Home Personal Computer, Software, and Hardware Installation
“How do I set-up a network?”

That’s a really good question that has plagued countless purchasers of computer systems. A strong network allows for flexibility in adding stations and devices, such as printers, cloud drives, etc., while maintaining a multi-tiered range of security for every participating station. onPhiya will have your entire network up and running a tight and secured operation in no time!

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