About Us

About onPhiya

onPhiya is all about understanding your needs and providing an exceptional solution. The name onPhiya has been derived from the art and science of getting things right and as quickly as possible. Basically, we offer computer repair services with a personalized touch.Technology exists to serve; to help make our lives more efficient, more enjoyable; to be able to get more done with less time and effort. It’s the reason smart-phones are so prevalent in our society. Now, the sheer thought of walking out the door of our home and forgetting our Smartphone has us scrambling in a rush to go get it, even if retrieving the phone will cause us to be late; miss a bus; get tied up more in traffic, and so on. Our computers and Smartphones have become an invaluable tool in shrinking our world and speeding communications. But when it breaks…

It sends us into a tailspin. And no delay in getting functioning the way it’s supposed to function is acceptable. Broken and failed technology only serves to give us headaches, usually at the worst possible time.

I am the owner/manager of onPhiya, CJ Collins. My staff of tech-experts and I are here for you, to help get your device back on track. And help you get your life back on track!

Our Vision
onPhiya wants to be the ‘Emergency Room’ for your devices. We feel that no one should miss out on an opportunity because of a failed device, and we aim to be the Go-To resource for getting your device(s) back to peak operating condition.
Our Mission
onPhiya’s Mission is to empower our customers by improving their knowledge of their device(s); greater confidence, and greater control over the devices in your life. We control our technology; it does not control us!
Our Guarantee
For repairs done by onPhiya, and fails after the repair that are attributed to the affected repair, directly or indirectly, will be corrected by onPhiya. No hidden costs, no double-talk, no fine-print. Your satisfaction is our first priority and we go above and beyond to satisfy all your needs.
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